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Sexy Ingredient #4


Oh, the jokes and naughty laughter. But seriously, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that none of my kids are allergic to nuts, because I bake with them all the time. Nearly as often as I bake with booze. Plus, in moderation, they’re super-healthy. Best of all, they’re like magic as [...]

Sexy Ingredient #3

White Chocolate

I know, I know:  we covered chocolate in number 2. And most of the time in baking ‘chocolate’ does mean the brown stuff: milk, semisweet, bittersweet or unsweetened chocolate. White chocolate isn’t properly chocolate at all, since it contains none of the cocoa liquor or cocoa solids that gives dark chocolate [...]

Sexy Ingredient # 2

Really Good Chocolate

It’s the pinnacle of the sweet pantry. Well, it is if you’re me. I have a bit of a thing, actually; I’m never more than arm’s reach from a bar of at least 70%. No, I’m not exaggerating. Even my kids’ friends know it. “REGAN! WE-NEED-CHOCOLATE-AND-DON’T-TELL-US-YOU-DON’T-HAVE-ANY!” from across the playground every two days. [...]

The 9 Sexiest Ingredients Part 1

Real Vanilla

Real vanilla – bean or extract – is extraordinary, and there’s a reason it’s in luxuries as decadent as French perfume and silky custards.  Rich, exotic, complex, with an amazing depth of aroma and flavour, it is the furthest thing from the descriptor it’s long been saddled with: plain. Real vanilla is [...]

9 Sexy Ingredients That Can Make Your Baking Spectacular

Welcome to a new series here at ITSK headquarters: Sexy Food. Specifically, the 9 ingredients in the Sweet Kitchen that can elevate your baking to whole new levels, without pesky baking courses or burning yourself learning how to pull sugar. It’s almost shameful, really, how much of a difference these gorgeous ingredients can make: each [...]