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Shake it Sugar Baby

So there’s good news and there’s good news. First, the good: I’m going to be doing two more appearances baking from In the Sweet Kitchen on Cityline this fall! The first will air Monday November 1, the second airs Wednesday December 8. Hooray! Look for early Christmas things… I feel cookies coming on….

The second good thing is totally related, and I’m so tickled to have discovered it I could die. In the course of planning the first appearance, for the Monday (Around-the-House Day) show, I was emailing with Cityline’s intrepid Monday producer, Kate Moore. And we’re talking cookies and she writes that she wonders if I would mind wearing one of these aprons they’re hoping to feature on the show that day, to promote the start of their Holiday Cookie Swap.

Now, I don’t generally wear aprons when doing demos on TV, mostly because they make me look a bit like a potato. Also, the plain white ones make me look as though I work in a restaurant, which I definitely used to, but haven’t in forever, and I’m always worried about giving people the wrong idea. I know – I’ve thought way too much about this. Really, they’re just supposed to keep goo off your dress. Right?

Kate sends me this terribly deferential note along the lines of “If you REALLY wouldn’t mind… yadda yadda yadda…. VERY pretty aprons…. yadda yadda… Check out the website…. here are some I though would look great on you….” And my first reaction is, Ok, if I like them, well, maybe; and if they’re too, um, potatoey, then I’ll politely decline.

The company is called Sugar Baby Aprons, which is already a promising start. So I click on over to the site, and it takes me all of one second to realize that not only are they not tuber-like, they’re FAB! They’re divine. They’re so sexy and sweet, they’re more like sassy little demi-frocks than aprons. Instantly, I wanted ALL of them, which, I know, is perhaps a tad unreasonable. Though don’t pretend for a second that I didn’t very quickly mentally justify possibly buying one of each. But then I’d need matching shoes, and nail polish, and it just starts to get out of hand.

The thing is, they actually sell shoes… (I KNOW, RIGHT?) so the jury’s still out on the whole buying the lot deal.

I did, however, abuse the English language just a tad in my haste to write a note back to Kate saying, HELLS YES I’d love to wear one one the show, and if at all possible, could it be the full leopard print one? Because really, I have a bit of a thing for leopard, and honestly, once I saw that they even made one in leopard, there was no other choice.

So for those of you still here, on my site, I’m absolving you of your sense of loyalty. You don’t have to finish reading this. GO – go now, buy aprons. Buy the flirtiest one there, and when it arrives, put in on with your highest heels and your most encouraging undergarment, and bake something! Make cupcakes, make a pie, make chocolate chip cookies and eat the dough right out of the bowl. Because baking is supposed to¬† be like this: sexy, full-bodied, and fun.

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