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9 Sexy Ingredients That Can Make Your Baking Spectacular

Welcome to a new series here at ITSK headquarters: Sexy Food. Specifically, the 9 ingredients in the Sweet Kitchen that can elevate your baking to whole new levels, without pesky baking courses or burning yourself learning how to pull sugar. It’s almost shameful, really, how much of a difference these gorgeous ingredients can make: each one of them can take a ho-hum recipe and make it completely extraordinary. It’s the biggest secret of the trade – use the very best products to begin with, and you’re already miles ahead. Plus, so incredibly yummy.

To kick off the series, Sexy Ingredient number 1 will be up this afternoon. (No, I’m not giving hints.) After that, I’ll post one new Ingredient every few days; you know, to give you a chance to get down and dirty and play with the previous one before falling for something new.

So slip into something more comfortable, turn down the lights, and get ready to get fresh with a new friend… or nine.

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